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How DCA work
Trade with Dollar Cost Average strategies

Use signals from indicators and algorithms developed by experts. Our signals deliver consistent and controlled performance that greatly reduce risk of loss with less exposure to the market. We strive to offer the most profitable trading experience using calculated method of risk managment.

What is DCA ?

DCA stands for dollar cost average.
Price averaging is the act of extending an existing position in a active trade by buying more of a coin at a different lower price than the current entry price of the position, which alters the average price of the position as a whole. 

By market fluctuations, Dollar cost strategies reduce risk of exposure and produce winning results.

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What is trading BOT?

Trading BOT is the computer program that open and close position on trading exchange when given buy or sell signal happens. It allows us to trade 24hours per day without any need for interaction with manual trading.

There is a lot of different bot programs to choose. Signal Traders suggest using Frosty BOT but also supporting ProfitTrailer, 3Commas

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We developed our own sophisticated indicators that find entry’s for buying and selling opportunities on crypto market. Our strategists, developers and analysts have weekly sessions to bring up new ideas to develop unique algorithms, evaluate strategies that are in the test phase but also the performance of the strategies that are live at the moment.

The whole team is constantly working on improved signals for different coins.



Automated signals for intra day trading. Based on dollar cost average principles we tend to minimise additional buy orders after first initial buy before the trade is sold in profit.

All strategies are tuned for futures market that take advantage with trading high leverage (user preference 1-20x) with small entry risk per account its designed to accumulate if asset price drops, and lower the initial buy entry in order to take profit on asset returning above profit line and closing in profit. On average max 2 DCA orders are needed to complete order in profit.

This technique of trading work in any market direction based on proper risk management.

Strategies are designed to only sell in profit.

Our signals allow for cumulative buys (aka DCA buys or Dollar Cost Averaging) so ideally you would require having liquidity to accommodate those.

Our strategies are sending signals to your bot that open positions instead of you 24/7.

Main advantage trading with Signal Traders is direct support for FrostyBot as one of the fastes trade execution bot solutions in the crypto market. We also support ProfitTrailer and 3Commas.

Frosty Bot

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How to start?

Setting up automated trading bot with our signal service is easy!
You need to have account on, then choose from one of supported bot services below.

1. open your trading account at
2. subscribe to one of our signals plan.
3. connect our signals with your trading bot 

We offer basic technical support for your trading bot, to get you started as soon as you subscribe.

First things first! What bot service would you like to use?

 Choose one of the bot services we support:

FrostyBot (recommended) 
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Profit Trailer:
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Please contact us to get instruction for setting up 3Commas.

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What members are saying about our service?

Before I joined Signal Traders I did not had any experience with crypto and trading. So far really happy with the results and how easy it is to setup trading bot.

They also provide with good and accurate technical analyses. I would recommend it to anyone, beginner and experienced trader.

Urban J.

Slovenia, 1.1.2021

I’ve been involved in the crypto world for several years. Before joining Signal Traders, the only thing I got from all the services I hired and all the providers I followed was big losses. Since I was a Signal Traders members not only I increased my benefits but also learnt how to manage my risk in a effective way. With their support and daily Technical Analysis I feel I’m not alone in the wild world anymore.

I strongly recommend anyone to join, either for beginners or experienced traders. I wish I had found them before!


Spain , 1.12.2021

I have been investing in various asset types for about a decade or so. When automated trading started gaining mainstream popularity, and when crypto markets started gaining significant momentum, it was both hard to keep up and at certain points even hard to know where to begin at all, simply too many choices. Having tried several bots, strategies, and signals myself, when I came across SignalTraders it seemed too good to be true. Fact is, not only has ST delivered consistent profits, I have become a better trader just by listening and learning from this group. Their methods go beyond plain technical analysis and the founder is simply an honest bloke and a genius.

I wish ST all the best and have a feeling it’s only going to get better from here. A special thanks to Milky, the Producer, and Crypto Roy for always being ready to help with ut most patience even for my most frivolous and ignorant of questions. Thank you ST!


UK, 1.10.2020

Signal Traders and FrostyBot partnership

Signal Traders and FrostyBot are working together!
We now support superfast Frosty bot that we recommend to use with our Premium Signals.

Profit Trailer Bot


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