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What are “trading-signals”

You may have heard of so-called “trading signals”? You may have already tried this? Such signals are offered in many places on the net, sometimes they come to you via Telegram, WhatsApp and other messengers. These signals usually state a price at which you should enter a cryptocurrency, a so-called stop loss and the price at which you should best exit again.
For people who have little knowledge of the crypto market and are not able to make a technical analysis of a cryptocurrency themselves, this can be a convenient way to make a profit.

But only maybe.

Often the signals are of poor quality, come too infrequently and sometimes they come at inopportune times when you can’t set your position by hand on the exchange.

The expected profit often fails to materialise and you just get annoyed. Wouldn’t it be great if you could earn a side income FULLY AUTOMATICALLY?

Full automatic crypto-trading


Yes, this possibility exists! Our fully automated trading system enables you to make good and above all secure profits even with little knowledge of the crypto market.
It only takes a few steps to set up a fully automated trading system. The whole process takes just a few minutes and you can start making your first profits.

How does this work

Our advanced and proven algorithms use several indicators to find the best entry price for a cryptocurrency and the best price at which to exit. This buy or sell signal is sent to your bot, which then executes the order on the crypto exchange.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 364 days a year.

All you need is an account with FTX, our FrostyBot tradingbot and a subscription to our PREMIUM iDCA SIGNALS. It only takes a few minutes to set everything up and of course our team will be glad to help you with that, if needed.

What makes SIGNAL TRADERS so different


Our signals come in for more than 20 cryptocurrencies, depending on the market situation. Each of these currencies has been specially treated, analysed and the strategies adapted and developed specifically for that currency. Whether the market is in an upward or downward trend is irrelevant. We work with strategies for LONG (upwards) and SHORT (downwards). Both directions are profitable, our algorithms reliably decide in which direction to open a position.


We have developed something unique for our strategies: iDCA. DCA (Dollar Cost Avarage) is a well-known trading strategy where a position that has slipped into negative territory needs a smaller percentage increase to return to profitability. Our iDCA variant does this in a smarter way by not simply buying a fixed amount at a set percentage downturn, but by looking at where it makes the most sense to buy. Also, the amount at which it buys can be variable.

That is intelligent DCA.

SAFETY is our main concern. Should the market situation change in the short term, we have found a way to avoid large losses with the unique iSL (intelligent StopLoss). Based on our experience so far, these smaller losses are recouped within a short time and you are back in the profit zone.


The developers of FrostyBot have created a unique trading bot. It is (probably) the fastest bot there is, it takes on average less than a second from sending the signal to the execution of the order on the crypro exchange. Fast execution is crucial, especially when trading cryptocurrency. under certain conditions, seconds can make the difference between profit and loss. with FrostyBot, we are in the market almost in real time and that is simply MAGIC!

“Can i afford to participate?”

We ask: can you afford NOT to?


Let us do the trading for you! All you need is a FTX account. Our team of experienced traders will do all the work for you on a safe level with maximum possible profits.


Subscribe our advanced Premium iDCA signals for your prefered direction – choose LONG, if you want to receive only signals that open positions LONG, or SHORT to receive signals which do open SHORT trades.


Subscribe our advanced Premium iDCA signals for BOTH directions – LONG and SHORT. This is trading on the next level, even if market changes direction, you allways can make profit of it!

Probably the FASTEST trading bot on the market comes now FREE with all our signal subscriptions. The SPECIAL EDITION of FrostyBot is the ONLY bot which can handle our advanced iDCA signals!


You are not sure if trading with our advanced iDCA signals is the right thing for you? Join us at DISCORD and be part of our growing community. Here you will find help, more info on what’s going on on the crypto-market and other uesefull tips you won’t get enywhere else.

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An insight into the building blocks we use

These are some of the essential parts that work together to give you fully automated trading experience. Looks complicated? Don’t worry, it’s very simple for you!

Advanced DCA: iDCA

iDCA is the latest development of our team. Instead of fixed percentages and amounts at which a DCA is executed, our intelligent algorithm decides WHEN and BY WHAT AMOUNT the existing position is extended. This is unique and, above all, highly effective.

Advanced StopLoss: iSL

With iSL, the intelligent stop loss, we have built another unique secret weapon to protect your trades from losses. If the market direction turns unexpectedly, iSL decides whether it is worthwhile to continue holding the position or to exit it with the smallest possible loss.

Our algorithms

Our strategies are based on self-developed algorithms and indicators. Unlike existing indicators, ours are real-time based and predictive. Conventional indicators only show their results when it is actually already too late. Ours know this just at that moment and can act immediately accordingly.


FrostyBot-JS is an API endpoint for REST and webhooks that is designed to receive API requests, such as Tradingview webhooks, and to submit them as orders to a cryptocurrency exchange.

We have developed a special version of FrostyBot for our fully automated trading. Our focus was on speed, stability and reliability. FrostyBot ST-edition is probably the fastest bot on the market. Exclusively for our members! We provide each subscriber with a highly available instance in our cloud environment.

Ultra fast, ultra secure.

The Exchange

FTX is a trading platform on which cryptocurrencies and derivatives can be traded. It is the 4th largest cryptocurrency exchange with an average 24h trading volume of 3.8 billion US dollars.

Our trades are executed quickly and reliably on FTX. We use the FTX trading API, which is an interface that can control trading on the exchange outside of the user interface.

Some frequently asked questions

Here you will find some answers to frequently asked questions You need more information? You’re welcome! Don’t hesitate to visit us on Twitter, Discord or Telegram – our team will be happy to help you and answer your questions in detail.

"do you have access to my money?"

Absolutely not. Your money remains completely under your control on the cypto exchange. It is technically impossible for us to access your funds. We can only place buy and sell orders on the exchange “in your name”, so to speak.

"is my money safe?"

Your funds are on the crypto exchange, which, as I said, we have no access to. You must of course take the security measures that the exchange recommends and prescribes. We recommend that you use a very strong and secure password plus 2FA authentication.

"i'm a total noob in crypto, is this the right thing for me?"

If you are just starting to get interested in crypto, probably not. But wait! The SIGNAL TRADERS COMMUNITY is the best place for you to learn a lot about it. Join our community, there you will find many like-minded people who support each other. Everyone is welcome, whether you are a beginner or an expert.

"can i make losses?"

To make a long story short: yes. That is part of it and can happen. No one has a “magic glass ball” and can predict what will happen on the market 100%. So it is quite possible that our algorithms misjudge the situation and sell off a position with a small loss. Our successes to date have shown, however, that this loss is made up again very quickly.

"how much can i make?"

That depends on many factors. Your personal risk analysis, the current market situation and of course the size of your investment. We cannot and must not make a general statement about this. Just ask some of our members in the community, many of them have long experience and can calculate an estimate of your profits together with you. Join our community and see the GAINS other members make with SIGNAL TRADERS!

Put the pieces together


  • A simple but yet effective system that allows even less experienced people to participate in the incredible potential of crypto.
  • The perfectly coordinated interaction of the individual components makes our fully automatic system so unique.
  • Probably the best algorithms, developed by professional traders with over 20 years of experience.
  • A well-rehearsed team of developers who build the systems in a stable and reliable way.
  • Probably the fastest trading bot there is
  • Affordable prices

Say HELLO to the team

SIGNAL TRADERS are spread all over the globe. We are from the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, South Africa, Germany, Slovenia. We also have people from the USA, Spain and India working with us.  Some of us even do this on a voluntary basis.  We love this way of working, the different menatalities and the unbelievable crazy ideas that can come out of it. One planet under the sun, that is our attitude towards living together.

Marcel Travaille

CEO | DEV | Co-founder

Marcel is the head of strategy development. He is full time trader with over 25 years experience in trading stocks, CFD, Currencies, Options, Metals and Commodities.He has been deeply involved in crypto space from the early 2016. Also he’s specialized in W.D. Gann time analyses. He performs fundamental analysis and is well known as a master of market timing predictions. He gained a lot of experience by running several senior management roles for multinational and Private Equity companies.

Alex Cozma

CTO | DEV | Co-founder

Alex is has been an active manual trader for many years. His focus lies on analytics and investment performance. Besides that,  working as an IT consultant at several financial institutions, Alex is responsible for the IT systems that run Signal Traders. He is into high-frequency algorithmic trading with cryptocurrencies and derivatives since 2018 .

FrostyBot Team

DEV | FrostyBot

FrostyBot started few years ago as an open source project. The main DEV has been programming for almost 20 years with various programming languages. He is also one of those people who never give up until a thing is 100% finished and working. His intention was “something we need doesn’t exist yet, so I’ll just build it”.

Harjit Singh

DEV| Strategies

Harjit is a computer science engineer. His speciality is to map complex ideas into algorithms. PineScript is almost his mother tongue, all the subtleties of which are ingrained in his flesh and blood. In addition to his theoretical knowledge, his many years of experience in stock trading and crypto trading are a great help. As a sought-after freelancer, he has already successfully completed over 300 projects. In short: he makes sure that the strategies are as ingenious as they are.

Some words from our happy members

Before I joined Signal Traders I did not had any experience with crypto and trading. So far really happy with the results and how easy it is to setup trading bot.

They also provide with good and accurate technical analyses. I would recommend it to anyone, beginner and experienced trader.

Urban J.

Slovenia, 1.1.2021

I’ve been involved in the crypto world for several years. Before joining Signal Traders, the only thing I got from all the services I hired and all the providers I followed was big losses. Since I was a Signal Traders members not only I increased my benefits but also learnt how to manage my risk in a effective way. With their support and daily Technical Analysis I feel I’m not alone in the wild world anymore.

I strongly recommend anyone to join, either for beginners or experienced traders. I wish I had found them before!


Spain , 1.12.2021

I have been investing in various asset types for about a decade or so. When automated trading started gaining mainstream popularity, and when crypto markets started gaining significant momentum, it was both hard to keep up and at certain points even hard to know where to begin at all, simply too many choices. Having tried several bots, strategies, and signals myself, when I came across SignalTraders it seemed too good to be true. Fact is, not only has ST delivered consistent profits, I have become a better trader just by listening and learning from this group. Their methods go beyond plain technical analysis and the founder is simply an honest bloke and a genius.

I wish ST all the best and have a feeling it’s only going to get better from here. A special thanks to Milky, the Producer, and Crypto Roy for always being ready to help with ut most patience even for my most frivolous and ignorant of questions. Thank you ST!


UK, 1.10.2020