About us

Signal Traders is a collective of professional strategy developers, technical analysts and finance educators. We have been involved in the financial market for over 20 years and gained experience with investing, trading and fundamental analyses.

Our focus is on bringing the best user experience to the general public and make trading accessible to everyone.

We strive to improve our service by developing our own unique algorithms for trading. Signal Traders made over 15 indicators that produced astonishing results on a daily basis. Our live statistics are available to check on our performace page. In 2021 we partnered with ProfitTrailer
bot service and Frosty bot service.

Our mission is to make an all in one solution platform for profitable automated trading with high end statistics and other tools for our members. Besides technical analysis we specialise in fundamental investment analyses and have been successfully predicting market price for many crypto projects in advance.

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Meet our team

Marcel Travaille

Marcel is a leading strategy development for Signal Traders signals. He is full time trader with over 25 years experience in trading stock, CFD, Currencies, Options, Metals and Commodities.

Been deeply involved in crypto space from the early 2016. Specialized in W.D. Gann time analyses. He perform fundamental analysis and is well known as a master of market timing predictions.

Gained a lot of experience running several senior management roles for multinational and Private Equity companies.

CEO and Co-founder of Signal Traders

Alex Cozma

Alex is has been an active manual trader for many years.

His focus lies on analytics and investment performance. Besides working as an IT consultant at several financial institutions, Alex is responsible for the IT systems that make Signal Traders.

He does high-frequency algorithmic trading with cryptocurrencies and derivatives since 2018 .

CTO and Co-founder of Signal Traders

Dominik Strmčnik

Dominik has been actively involved in crypto space since the early beginning of Bitcoin in 2013. Besides investing based on fundamental analysis to ICO projects, he also gained lots of knowledge for technical analysis with day trading digital assets like BTC and alternative coins.

Running weekly analysis for Signal Traders, always ready with help to new members with the onboarding process.

Managing several inside projects for Signal Traders trading platform.

Technical analyst, Marketing leader, Support team

Dries Van den Broecke

Dries is a professional alpine ski racer, system trading is what he does during his recovery time off slope.
System trading also helped him alot to develop his personal and athletic growth. Using a system leads to succes! He likes to educate the members to fully understand the system, so they become profitable in the long run.

Also important to note is that he’s doing this as a volenteer. The provided signals give him a big enough paycheck he said.

Support Team, Education

Our Supporters Team

Special thanks to Spyker, Noizie and others in the support team who are always ready to help us help our members with technical problems and education!

Best Support team