What is DCA?

There are a lot of different strategies available for trading crypto assets. Over the years of trading in crypto space we specialized in Dollar Cost Average principle of trading as we believe that is one of the best strategies that exists. We develop our unique indicators and strategies that maintain profitable trading experience.

Our strategie is taking advantage of asset fluctuation with smart indicators determining where the next position will be opened. We trade with a convenient method of lowering initial position entry level with adding to position after the first entry if needed. By entering in the asset position with low risk size per trade we allow account balance to have reserve for additional buying positions if there is need for it.

What kind of DCA strategies exist?

1. Cycled dollar cost averaging consists in buying a fixed amount of USD, into a wanted coin, on specific time intervals (example: every week 10$ for 1 year). This strategy is used by investors that are looking for long term investment since it protects them from potentially allocating all their capital at a price peak. It reduces risk of buying at the high swings and makes our investment sit on an averaged price over a longer period of time.

2. Deviational buying dollar cost averaging is the strategy that might be found on different trading bot services for trading. They add to position on specific percentage of drop with the same amount of size on a preset value. Problem with this strategy is that there is a big risk of having reserve capital dried quickly if not controlled properly. Most of the other bot service providers that use this strategy will most likely liquidate the position of their members since they will run out of funds if the market performs a bigger correctional faze.

3. Dollar Cost Average controlled with sophisticated indicators that work in a way of confirming multiple factors to produce the most reliable entries for the next DCA position. With this approach we tend to minimise the risk of running out of capital for further DCA positions if needed. This is especially handy when you’re dealing with leveraged futures trading.

PROS trading with DCA

Reduces the risk of buying tops

Averaging is based on splitting the trade position with small amounts of purchases. Hence, since you’re not risking all your capital in the same position, it’s impossible to invest all your money at the top.

Reduces emotional stress

With DCA, you will not experience the shock of investing a large sum of your capital and having to constantly worry about price swing entries. Instead, your capital will slowly but more safely increase as you get more comfortable with the volatility of the crypto market.

Closing trades in profit every time

Our strategies are designed to close every trade in profit as we accumulate the coin and with our smart indicators only sell after we reach a profitable level. We even display real time and historical trading data on this website for you to verify our claim.

No need for studying technical analysis on charts all day long

With automated DCA trading, you have more time to do things you love and let bot trade for you even when you sleep

CONS trading with DCA
Potentially lower performance in strong bull market
In a strong bull market, trading with the entire position could produce more gains with manual trading, but potentially much bigger losses when the market turns around.

Traders can potentially run out of reserve capital if the risk is set too big or not calculated in the right way.

It is important to always calculate risk based on worst case scenario if market performs large correctional faze.

Example showing DCA trading

In the picture on the right you can see how DCA strategy work. After first initial buy it starts to look for sell signal. If market turns lower before we manage to close the trade in profit, we will accumulate position when coin drops. Based on our strategies, we tend to open position as low as we can to maintain the reserve needed in case of more DCA needed.

Example video showing DCA in action

In this video you can see, how our strategy will execute additional buys if needed.
Video shows BTCUSDT pair on 1 minute chart