Choosing the right trading bot

Signal Traders supports:
– Profit Trailer
– 3Commas
– FrostyBot (Soon)

What is the best option?

When it comes to choosing the right trading bot it is up to user what bot he likes the most. 3Commas or Profit Trailer, both of this services work great. The main purpose of bot is to open and close position when you receive our signals. After our strategy will find buy or sell signal, we send signal to your personal bot that will open or close position.

Most of our users choose Profit trailer as it is easy to setup and have multiple user programmable options inside the settings it self.


We recommend to check both 3Commas and Profit Trailer to find out what you like the most.

Profit Trailer from €30/month (contact us for -20% discount code)
With our discount your paying €29/month   (Trading Bot 24€  + signal voucher 5€)
More info:
Download instructions for setting up ProfitTrailer Bot here: here

3Commas from $49.5/month
More info: 
Please contact us to get instructions for setting up 3Commas bot. 

Have more questions about what trading bot you need?
Please drop us an email to or join our discord or telegram group.